Supplying Your Artwork


Regardless of the design software that you use to create your artwork, there are some requirements for producing your print ready file. The following will explain how to produce the document using the correct settings for best results.

File Size

The maximum file size that we accept on this website is 100 Mb, this should be enough for most products that we produce. If for any reason your file is larger than this, then please get in touch with our team on 0121 561 5020


We accept artwork in pretty much any format, but take care as each format comes with its own requirements.

  • PDF all PDF's must be supplied at 300dpi (exported as high resolution). Compression must be set to downsaampled to 300dpi. To ensure that your fonts are printed as expected, ensure that all your fonts are embedded.
  • Illustrator all AI documents should have their images embedded within the file and fonts should all be converted to curves. Save this file as an EPS.
  • Photoshop the file resolution should be set 300dpi when first creating the document. You should export this as a TIFF or JPEG. If we are required to make changes to the supplied file you must provide us the PSD, AI or PDF.
  • Indesign you must make sure that all fonts and images that you have used within your design are suuplied to us in a separate folder, making use of the package function within Indesign.
  • Office Documents this style is not designed to provide print ready artwork in a professional environment. As a last resort you may convert the document to a PDF but please double check the result for any changes in colour, text and position of elements.

If you are unsure where to start please have a look at our print templates where you can find templates for each of our products.


For any design that we recieve the file must be colour managed. Colours must be converted to CMYK+ and not use RGB or sRGB otherwise colour matches cannot be guaranteed. Any spot colours that you have may have defined within the document will be converted to CMYK unless requested or quoted for.


  • Bleed Ensure that you include a minimum of a 3mm bleed around your design to ensure that the colour reaches the edge when trimming.
  • Crop Marks are not required if you have correctly set the bleed, but if you do place these they can help us align your artwork.

Multi-page Designs

If you have a multipage design we recommend supplying your artwork as a single PDF with the pages in order of printing. If providing mutliple documents please name the files with the page number in the filename.